Provision of Publication (발간규정)


Publications Bylaws

Section I. General Provisions

Article 1 (Name): The name of this journal is《漢字硏究》in Chinese and The Journal of Chinese Character Studies (hereafter "JCCS”) in English.

Article 2 (Purpose): The purpose of the provisions is to prescribe overall standards demanded for all authors, reviewers and all members of JCCS in the submission, screening, review, editing and publication of the manuscripts.

Article 3 (Scope): JCCS is an international peer-reviewed academic journal for delivering original and current research results concerning Chinese Characters Studies including the introduction of newly unearthed materials, translation with annotation, the trends of research organizations in journal’s field and so on.

Article 4 (Publishers): JCCS is published in the Center for the Study of Chinese Characters in Korea(hereafter "CSCCK") and publication will be with the publishers which made contract with CSCCK.

Article 5 (Publication): JCCS shall publish three issues a year on April 30th, August 30th and December 30th.

Section II. Manuscript Submission

Article 6 (Requirement):
1. The qualification to submit a manuscript to JCCS is given to members who fulfill obligation as a member.
2. A manuscript must be an original work. Those who submit manuscripts must observe research ethical standards.
3. Only manuscripts adhering to the Research guidelines of JCCS shall be considered for publication.

Article 7 (Length): For the length of a manuscript, see the "Formatting and Style Guide" of JCCS.

Article 8 (Abstract): Abstract must be completed in English. English papers are required to add both English and Chinese summary. Up to five key words should be listed at the bottom of the abstract.

Article 9 (Postscript): All entries must add the authors’ name both in Chinese and English, affiliation and job titles, email address, thesis titles in English, abstract and key words in English, sources of funds (research funding or grants) and other detailed information.

Article 10 (Deadlines): The manuscripts of JCCS shall be submitted before February 28th or 29th for the first issue (April 30th), June 30th for the second issue (August 30th) and October 30th for the third issue (December 30th).

Article 11 (Submission): Manuscripts shall be submitted to the online submission page ( before the deadline. Acceptable formats are Microsoft Word(.docx or .doc) and Portable Document Format(PDF). With rare exceptions, the editorial board can receive a manuscript by email.

Article 12 (Review Fee): JCCS charges review fees of ₩90,000 at the time of manuscript submission.

Article 13 (Publication Fee):
1. Authors are required to pay ₩100,000 up to 18 typeset pages (₩200,000 for research grant papers; ₩10.000 for each additional page) only after their manuscripts have been accepted for publication.
2. After the publication, two copies of the issue will be sent to the author(s). No paper offprints will be provided, but electronic offprints will be available free of charge in PDF format that are printable and downloadable from the website at <>

Article 14 (Rejection) Editors of JCCS may reject the manuscripts which violate provisions and research ethical regulations, or request modification of them.

Article 15 (Others): For more detailed information of the format and style of a manuscript, see “Formatting and Style Guide” of JCCS.

Article 16 (Web Publishing) All papers published in JCCS are also available on the journal’s home page.

Section III. Editorial Board

Article 17 (Organization)
1. The Editorial board of JCCS shall consist of one Editor-in-chief and 10 editorial board members.
2. The Editorial board members shall be a group of prominent people in the journal’s field: professors, full-time lecturers or those who have equivalent qualification, scholars who have made great contributions in the academic activities and research achievements.

Article 18 (Selection):
1. All members of the Editorial board shall be selected by a committee meeting.
2. The Editor-in-chief shall be selected among the editorial board members.

Article 19 (Meeting): The Editorial committee of JCCS shall be presided by JCCS Editor-in-chief. The regular committee shall be held within ten days after the end of the submission to make decisions on pending issues relating to the JCCS publication.

Article 20 (Decision Making): The Editorial Board members should attend Editorial Committee. A decision shall be made by more than half of the members present.

Article 21 (Role): The role of the Editorial board members is mainly to receive manuscripts, to set up a panel of peer reviewers on the basis of expertise, editing and publishing papers.

Article 22 (Term): The term of the Editor-in-chief and the Editorial board members shall be two years and can be reelected. There is no restriction on the number of times unless they bring JCCS into dishonor and disrepute.

Section IV. Review Provisions and Procedure

Article 23 (Constitution):
1. Each manuscript submitted shall be reviewed by three reviewers.
2. Editorial Board shall select reviewers carefully among professors and full-time lecturers at the universities or doctorates who have outstanding academic achievement in relevant fields.
3. Reviewers shall be among those who published books or academic articles in relevant fields.
4. If a reviewer proves unable to report. the Editorial board will search for an alternative reviewers as quickly as possible,

Article 24 (Invitation of Reviewers):
1. After reviewers are selected from our reviewer database, the Editorial board will send invitation letters for peer-review. When the reviewers accept them, the board will guide the review procedure of JCCS and send the manuscripts to them.
2. Before sending the manuscripts, the editorial board should delete all the information that can identify the authors, because JCCS employs double-blind review, where both the reviewer and the author remain anonymous throughout the process, to ensure the impartiality of the review.
3. The reviewers should upload their reports on the homepage of JCCS. If there are special reasons that a reviewer cannot join the homepage, the Editorial board may send a review request form of JCCS and the copy of the manuscripts to the reviewer by mail.

Article 25 (Review Criteria)
1. Manuscripts submitted shall be evaluated by reviewers according to the following criteria: Originality (30%), Coherency (20%), Adequacy (10%), Appropriateness of Methodology, Analysis and Interpretation (20%), and Academic Contribution (20%).
2. The content of review criteria may be updated or amended to provide fair and high-quality reviews of the manuscripts submitted.

Article 26 (Review Time): Reviews shall be submitted by the specified due date: March 20th for manuscripts intended for the 1st issue (April 30th), July 20th for the 2nd issue (August 30th) and November 20th for the 3rd issue (December 30th).

Article 27 (Evaluation and Report)
1. Reviewers are asked to complete a JCCS Review Form with comments that helps authors improve their papers.
2. The reviewers are urged to report the results to the editors within a week after they were requested.

Article 28 (Final Decision)
1. Accept: manuscripts with average 80 or more evaluation points are allowed to publish.
2. Revise: for the manuscripts that encourage revision, the authors are asked to revise their papers. If authors refuse to follow reviewers’ advice, publication may be rejected.
3. Reject: In case of disagreement with the editorial decision on rejection of the paper, the author should submit a letter to the Editorial board, indicating the reason that the decision is viewed as unfair. Then the Editorial board may appoint new reviewers to evaluate the paper after examining all relevant documentation.
4. The reviewer's recommendation falls into one of three categories: Accept, Accept with revisions, and Reject or Reject with re-submission.

Article 29 (Appeal Policy):
1. The authors can appeal against the decision within ten days of the rejection decision. JCCS will consider only one appeal.
2. If there are grounds for complaint, the Editorial board may accept the appeal and appoint three additional experts to re-review the paper.

Article 30 (Review Exception): The papers of invited distinguished scholars and keynote speakers presented at national and international conferences may publish without peer review.

Article 31 (Receipt Dates): At the time of publication, the Editorial board have to provide three dates along with the manuscript, to show all review processes and time taken from submission to publication transparently: the receipt date indicating when a manuscript was first received by the editorial office, the sent date of review requesting letter indicating when a manuscript is ready to be reviewed, and the accepted date indicating when the editor sends the acceptance letter to the author(s).

Article 32 (Timeline for Editorial Process)



1st issue

2nd issue

3rd issue


Submission Deadline

February 28th or 29

June 30th

October 30th


Reviews Started

March 10th

July 10th

November 10th


Reviews Completed

March 20th

July 20th

November 20th



March 30th

July 30th

November 30th


Notification(Revision Request)

April 10th

August 10th

December 10th


Author's Revision Deadline

April 15th

August 15th

December 15th


Final Decision(Acceptance)

April 20th

August 20th

December 20th


Editing, Proofreading, Printing

April 27th

August 27th

December 27th



April 30th

August 30th

December 30th

Article 33 (Anonymity) JCCS uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and the author are anonymous. The Editorial board should not release reviewers' identities to authors or to other reviewers.

Article 34 (Prohibition of plagiarism & duplication of publications):
1. The manuscripts that are suspicious of plagiarism or duplicate publications during review process or after publication shall be notified to the Review committee.
2. The Review committee shall hold an Editorial committee by which possible plagiarism or duplicate publication will be assessed. The submitter(s) may present written appeal to dismiss the charge of plagiarism at this stage.
3. If the original submission finally proves to be plagiarized or duplicated, the paper may also be rejected or formally retracted. The submitter(s) shall be forbidden to submit further articles at least for 3 years.

Article 35 (Documentation): The Editorial board must record and document all process related to the reviews of manuscripts.

Article 36 (Publication):
1. After the publication, the authors shall take the sole responsibility for all contents of papers including errors in Chinese characters, diagrams and so on.
2. Authors who uses paid fonts must convert them into free fonts when submitting their manuscripts.
3. The Publisher and Editorial board of JCCS shall not have any legal responsibility for the result of above 1 and 2.

Section V. Supplementary Provisions

Article 37 The provisions will be enforced starting September 1, 2009.

Article 38 Matters not specified in these Articles shall comply with the general practice.

Formulated on November 1, 2009
Revised on June 21, 2010
Revised on March 1, 2011
Revised on June 21, 2011
Revised on August 31, 2011
Revised on September 1, 2012
Revised on December 1, 2013
Revised on April 15, 2014
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